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About Me

Who am I and why you should trust my work

Developing a Sales System guided by an Expert

I started working  in my 18s. And from my first weeks my superios noticed that I organize myself well and people tend to follow me.

More than a decade ago I became an entrepreneur. I’ve dedicated the last 5 years studying and applying  methods by which I can sell any product or service.

I understand that success in sales comes from personalized strategies based on your business model. You need to know your products and services, know your customers and their needs and desires. 

If you want my help to create an effective sales system, to help you close more clients, grab the ebook I’ve prepared for you and let’s start!

What You Will Learn From My Ebook

You will discover how to create a Sales System that works for your business. 

Analyze your Business Model

This helps us understand where we find the right customers for your product or service and by what method they manage to reach you in order to start buying from you.

Establish The Right Strategy

We find the product with the highest profitability and the most expensive one. We  optimize and then we determine the appropriate way to sell them.

Structuring The Sales System

We make a diagnosis to determine what already exists. We add what is missing and organize it as a whole. We establish the roles and implement KPIs.

Applying The Sales Funnel

This represents the customer journey from the stage of qualified lead to customer. It helps us discover potential bottlenecks in the sales process.

Adapting According To The Results

This is the part where we start the implementation of indicators, supervision by the sales manager, and feedback from customers.

Learn How Do You Organize
An Effective Sales Department

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